We know your job satisfaction impacts your life happiness.

When you are ready for your next position in the clinical research industry, the hunt can feel like a full-time job. We want to get to know you. From resume feedback to salary negotiation, we have your back.

Valuable recruiter relationships

At ClinLinks, we stand for integrity, honesty, and industry education. We value the candidate experience. We give you an abundance of information on the company culture, science, potential patient impact, dynamics of the role and long-term upside for every opportunity we present you.

Getting to know you is the best part of our job. We care about your happiness and aim to provide value beyond job offerings. We provide honest feedback and suggestions based on your unique experience and goals. No more unresponsive recruiters. No more wasted time with recruiters trying to force you into a specific opening.

Career Consultants

There are many career paths and types and sizes of companies in the clinical research industry. We serve as your consultant in evaluating the risks and rewards of your professional decisions.

Interview experts

We get to know our clients and hiring managers to give you relevant information for your upcoming interview. We study human behavior to offer general interviewing advice. We make sure you feel confident and at ease entering any interview situation.

Offer negotiators

Most people will only change jobs a handful of times throughout their career. Our recruiters understand the unique negotiation and offer process for each client, providing you the insights to land a fair employment offer.