We are a boutique talent recruitment and acquisition partner to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and CRO companies across America.

We recruit and staff permanent and contract employees in Clinical Development, Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Data Management, Statistical Programming, Biostatistics, Medical Affairs, Quality, R&D, and Business Development.

Our Values

Do good work with good people

We care about integrity, communication, honesty, and hard work. We look for these strengths in our clients, candidates, and recruiting team.

Each member of our team is commited to being their best and treating all people with dignity and respect. We work with clients and candidates who demonstrate this same behavior.

Be known for what you do

We divide into teams so each recruiter can focus their effort on a sub-specialty. We have a dedicated recruiter for Clinical Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigialnce, Data Management, Statistical Programming, Biostatistics, Medical Affaris and Quality.

By networking within a specific department of the clinical research industry, our recruiters become known for what they do. With a solid reputation, networking becomes a two-way street, giving our recruiters more time to build real relationships and allowing our clients access to more top talent.

Keep up with technology and data science

The recruitment process has near constant opporunity for automation and efficiency gains. We are nimble, flexible and commited to adopting new technology. Working efficiently with large numbers of people and their professional and personal data, enables us to spend more time getting to know you. This is an important factor in our success with both clients and candidates.

Pay, train and retain

We promise our clients expert recruiters with strong networks of candidates. The only way to achieve this is to retain the best recruiters. To further develop job satisfaction and loyality we train and coach our recruiters so they develop the knowledge and skills to be successful while fostering an environment of openess, creativity and team work. We offer our recruiters the ability to earn more, work-life balance, and schedule flexibility.

Our Story

We are a brother and sister team from humble upbringings in the suburbs of Chicago. Our parents always emphasized the importance of hard work and care for everything we do and everyone we encounter. This is the foundation of our business.

Tim loves people. Since childhood, Tim has had a natural ability to connect with different types of people, putting them at ease and creating trust. While he loves to make people laugh, he also has a deep desire to help people find and achieve happiness. While interacting with Tim will always bring momentary joy, he also has a history of putting others needs in front of his own, willing to sacrifice if it means bringing a lasting sense of happiness or success to another. He’s also decisive and great at delivering constructive criticism to help others improve.

Cassie loves learning and teaching. Valedictorian of her high school class, Cassie went on to study human development and complete pre-medical studies at the University of Chicago. Desperate to convey academic insights to the masses, she went on to receive her master's degree in journalism from Northwestern before joining Tim in his recruiting business. Cassie’s eagerness to dive deep into the scientific and medical impact her clients are creating sets her apart from the crowd. As ClinLinks continues to grow, Cassie has stepped into a teaching role, inspiring curiosity across the company so each recruiter strives daily to know more about the nuance of their client’s business and develop their ability to create relationships where people know they are safe to share their preferences and personality traits.

Tim’s deep passion for people, inspires our team to make an authentic connection with every person whom we engage, treating them as a full, complex human beings whose happiness is influenced by their next job choice. Our candidates feel this care. Cassie’s ability to break down science into layman's terms and effectively train, enables ClinLinks recruiters to articulate their client’s stories in a way that not only impresses, but quickly builds respect and rapport. Tim and Cassie extend their caring, family partnership to their internal team, so recruiters feel valued and challenged, allowing them to succeed.

When questionable situations and actions arise, discussions amongst ourselves or with our team, most often boil down to one question, “what is the right thing to do?” We believe every good match has a balance between client and candidate priorities, paving an easy path to always Do What’s Right.

We love what we do, and have flourished in the learning opportunity of growing a small business. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.

Tim and Cassie