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Sr. or Lead Quality Engineer

Ref #: 316
Location: Boston Area
Salary: 110,000 Per Annum
Sector: Quality
Type: Fixed

Second QE position?:?

In terms of the second QE?, for? this position we are looking for someone with more experience?,? I’m going to say minimum 3 years of solid, applicable quality experience and ideally 4-5 years, at this juncture, let’s open it up to 90-95?K? but we have wiggle room around that if you find someone ?over that. (*if the go with Sydney and land her for $70-75K fingers crossed they could go up to $125-130K for the higher-level person)  ?O?bviously the struggle with finding someone with more experience is there ability to fit into a start-up environment?,? not doing everything by the book?,? but ideally someone with that mindset that can be more self-sustaining?. If they have a? certification, ISO auditing, any quality certs, that is ideal too, not necessary but something to look out for?. ?

Stock options – yes –cash bonus or stock options ?can be? negotiated per person – 

Essentially ?these two? will b?e? the entire quality department?.? ?Someone with the overall idea of in general the feel for quality and the regulations and someone under that who’d be able to get that work done?.?? ?I?f we were hiring in reverse I’m comfortable hiring someone self-sufficient and then hiring someone young ?and ?motivated to take on some of the workload?,? obviously with us training them?,? but essentially the two of them will be the quality department?.?

And their title Sr. QE is fine? you can? pitch it as that?. If we could find someone ?looking to grow into a quality manager and running a quality department ?hopefully there will be ?people interested in getting into that role ?as that is? something we’d be offering in the future to them?.? ?W?e have ?our consultant until about Dec. so we can get away with it but it may be easier to see what we can get senior wise ?as ?we need someone now?. ?

Someone with pre-production experience is ideal ??more design development that post-market?, ?quality design engineer in title ?would make sense. ?

Looking in other spots ?is okay to? try? ?to get interest ?and been ?having quite a few applicants that need sponsorship?, that is something we could potentially do as well. ?