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Associate Director, Sales Operations and Effectiveness

Ref #: 313
Location: Boston Area
Salary: 120,000 Per Annum
Sector: Sales
Type: Fixed

This role will be making sure the sales team is being compliant with the CRM along side fully utilizing it's capabilities.  Being compliant is so important because Vericel uses and does so much with that data, from seeing where to open a new territory to determine insentive based compensation to understanding what levels of success look like. This person will also be in charge of sales incentive compensation planning, monthly reporting on KPIs with the executive team, sales forecasting although Vericel does have a couple people in-house that are more on the sales analytics side who have a PhD in math and so this person doesn’t need to be that high-level with sales forecasting. This person will be building complex excel functions but they don’t need this person to have an extreme level of business reporting experience.

Other responsibilities:

Identify and manage vendors to facilitate job function

  • They use vendors for developing certain training, or sales marketing tools or materials, this person will be managing vendors for optimizing Vericels CRM and also managing vendors who are supporting national sales meetings

Manage / primary administrator for Vericel’s sales team fleet vehicles

  • Vericel has been using the same fleet management company for years, but if they need to evaluate if it's the best company or is there something better out there, this position would do that evaluating.  Also getting new hires set up with their car.

Management of Vericel’s surgical instrument inventory and loaner programs

  • Most Sales people bring instruments with them that look like a metal cookie cuter so they can cut the Maci product into different sizes, so just being in charge of that process


Our ideal candidate comes from field sales and has moved up in the company – perhaps to sales management – and has done sales analytics – figuring out what analytics the sales team needs to be looking at to improve performance

Looking for someone who has demonstrated success in sales within medical device or pharma and any kind of sales leadership experience would be even better but not required... someone who is used to looking at KPIs and running reports in CRM… It would be even better if they’ve had either a leadership or individual contributor role in-house in compliance, training, or product management – but if not, just someone who’s interested in sales operations and who’s had some success. This will be in our Cambridge office and system we use is MS Dynamic… If they have sales force that is totally fine


This is a salaried role (120,000 target) with 15% bonus at the AD level.  Comes with stock options and it’s the kind of role there is a lot of room for upward mobility. Brandon is an example of that… Vericel hired him in-house for this role and within months he rose to Maci National Sales Director….. Brandon Gustafson -  He had been a field sales person first then moved into area sales director with Shire then moved in-house for Shire into a training role.

Make up of Sales team

Right now, Maci has 48 territories and Sales Managers with 6 Sales Directors, Epicel is 5 territories and we in the process of expanding to 7 and with 1 National Director… They have one sales trainer who helps both teams.

This position reports directly into Roland DeAngelis VP Commercial –

 He’s awesome, a champion for the company has been here 20 years and knows everything about all our products

Salary range – budgeting $120K plus… we’d like to keep that close but send people over at what they are looking for.

What is your experience on the Sales utilitizing or leveraging CRMs and do you have any experience training other sales managers/reps on CRM best practices?



Associate Director, Sales Operations and Effectiveness